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Update 18/10/17

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CANTEEN: Friday 20th 

Lunch special

Meat Cannelloni: beef mince, onion, garlic, vegetable, eggs, ricotta cheese, herbs, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, tomato, pasta     $4.50

Recess Special

Banana Cake: banana. flour, spice, oil, egg, sugar              $1.50

Taroona High School 

Parents of grade 6 students going to Taroona HIgh next year.

We are needing the Student family input transitions forms for Taroona High School returned to Taroona High School ASAP. form


Anne Gillian Grade 1 letter

Albuera Street Primary School

                                         Grade 1 Gillian


Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is lovely to be back in Tasmania and I am delighted to be in the classroom again. Thank you to Ms Adderton for her wonderful work whilst I was away making the most of the warm Queensland weather and fostering family ties. I am very happy to see the fantastic work the children have been doing in my absence and I feel greatly rejuvenated and enthusiastic!

This term is going to be extremely busy and I’m sure will pass very quickly. Our first inquiry based learning unit is driven by the annual Aussie Backyard Bird Count. This is held over the week starting Monday, 23rd October to Sunday, 29th October. Sadly for us, this is our Hobart Show Week which means we will be squeezing our activities into three days. I will need a number of helpers over these days in order to complete my goals for the class and I am therefore requesting additional parent volunteers (need to have WWVP Card). You will be required to assist the children in navigating the app to record our bird sightings. It is very straightforward and the website gives you a demonstration of how to do this. For more information on the Aussie Backyard Bird Count please see overleaf. You can also visit:

The days and times are as follows:

Monday, 23-10-2017 from 9:00am until 10:00am I will need 6 helpers,

Tuesday, 24-10-2017 from 11:30am until 12:45pm I will need 6 helpers, and

Wednesday, 25-10-2017 from 9:00am until 11:00am I will need 6 helpers.

Below is a return slip for you to fill out if you can come along.

Thank you,

Anne Gillian.


Ms Gillian’s Grade 1 Aussie Backyard Bird Count

I can help on the following day/s:


Monday 9:00-10:00

Tuesday 11:30-12:45

Wednesday 9:00-11:00






With the return of BirdLife Australia’s Aussie Backyard Bird Count from 23-29 October, Albuera Street Primary School is making every bird count this spring!

Albuera Street Primary School is encouraging the next generation of bird watchers – our students – to develop positive attitudes to the environment by helping count more than 1.5 million birds in seven days.

During National Bird Week, students will be encouraged to learn more about the birds they see and hear every day by counting birds in the schoolyard, during breaks, on their way to and from school or at home.

Editor of Australian BirdLife magazine, Sean Dooley, whose lifelong passion for birds was sparked when he was at primary school, hopes that the student counters get to identify a new bird in their schoolyard.

“It’s incredible where a passion for birds can take you; it opens your eyes to a whole new world of nature right outside the classroom window. I hope that the Aussie Backyard Bird Count inspires another generation of Australian bird watchers,” Sean said.  “We’re excited to have the support of Albuera Street Primary School students as citizen scientists, and look forward to seeing how many birds their students count during the week.”

All participants will be able to see live statistics and information on the number of birds and species counted both locally and across the whole of Australia.

To get involved all you need is 20 minutes, your favourite outdoor space, like a playground or school oval, and some keen eyesight. Simply record the birds you know, and look up those you don’t on the Aussie Bird Count app or website

Prep 1 parent letter

Dear Parents,

Term 4!  How is that possible?  It’s another busy term coming up.  Please find below a few things you need to know are happening in Term 4 and the foci for different curriculum areas.



Hats are required for Term 4.  Please return your child’s hat to school for the beginning of the term, clearly named.



You may be aware that the School Association agreed to pay for an outdoor excursion for each class.  Margie and I have organised to take our classes to the Waterworks Reserve on the Tuesday the 24th of October from 9.30am to lunch.  As usual, we are requesting 5 parent helpers (with WWVP cards) per class to make this excursion feasible.  Please let me know if you can attend.



I am taking a week’s leave in Week 4 of the term.  As soon as I know who will be on the class, I will let you know.



I am after another 3 or 4 cushions for our classroom.  If you have any spare ones at home that you no longer use, we would be happy to take them.



Have a lovely holiday.


Thank you,




September 27 Newsletter

Click here to view the September 27 Schoolzine eNewsletter!

September 13 Newsletter

Click here to view the September 13 Schoolzine eNewsletter!


Hurry, last chance, silent auction ending at 3pm today!!! Get bidding if you haven’t already!!!

Musical Evening 130917

Please find attached the program for our Musical Evening at South Hobart Primary School's hall on Wednesday 13th September.  The doors will be open from 6:15pm and  start the concert at 6:30pm. Parking will be available at the C3 carpark, and it is a short walk from there to the school. The assembly hall is the first building you will come to if coming from C3.PROGRAM FOR ALBUERA STREET MUSIC NIGHT

Celebration of Music

Attached is the program for tomorrow nights Celebration of Music at South Hobart Primary School hall at 6.30pm.PROGRAM FOR ALBUERA STREET MUSIC NIGHT

Musical Evening

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Next Wednesday (13th September) we have our musical evening at South Hobart Primary.  I am constantly being impressed with the work Albuera Street Students are doing in music. The talent of our students is truly outstanding. I am excited to have the opportunity of being able to showcase their excellent work.  This is not a combined concert with South Hobart Primary, it only involves Albuera Street students. Unfortunately Albuera Street Primary doesn’t have a space large enough for students and parents, and South Hobart Primary have very generously offered the use of their School Hall for the evening.  The concert will feature an item from each class from Prep – Grade 6, as well as performances by our fantastic choir and our amazing percussion group. 

Parking will be available at the C3 carpark, and it is a short walk from there to the school.  The assembly hall is the first building you will come to if coming from C3.  The doors will be open from 6:15pm and I would like to start the concert at 6:30pm.  I anticipate the concert going for approximately an hour so we should finish at 7:30ish.

I would ask for students to be in full school uniform and to sit with their class group for the concert.

Preparation for this evening has gone well and the students have some great work to show.  They have given me much to be proud of and I look forward to showcasing their work on Wednesday evening.

Thank you.


Peter Eddleston.

Music Teacher.



Newsletter update 06/09/17

Parent seminar:

Don’t forget our parent seminar with Professor Lea Waters tonight. It’s not too late to book or just come along!!

Click here to book

Silent Auction:

Thank you to those who have already submitted a bid for one of the amazing art works or a weekend away in our Canberra Silent Auction!  The art is on display near to foyer so please come in and have a look. They look even better in the flesh than in the catalogue so don’t miss out on this really special opportunity.  Bids need to be submitted to the office by 3pm on Tuesday 12th September.

 Silent Auction

Sealed Silent Auction

Celebration of Music reminder:

Mr Eddleston is preparing a musical item with all classes for our special ‘Celebration of Music’ so we hope all student will be able to participate.  If your child is not able to attend on the evening can you please let the office know in advance.  This will also help us in estimating numbers as we are hiring extra chairs to accommodate all our families!  


2018 Enrolment Intentions Form

Please return your form to the office as soon as possible. We rely on this information to create the best possible class groupings for all our students. Thank you!

2018 intentions form

Looking for a Spring/Term 4 sport?
Netball commences on Tuesday October 17th (first week Term 4). All students from grades 3-6 are eligible. Grade 3/4 games at 4pm, with 5/6 teams playing at 5 pm, all games are held at Hobart Netball and Sports Centre (Creek Rd).
Pre-season training will be on the netball courts on WEDNESDAY 13/09, 20/09 and 27/09 3.15-4.30pm. Registration forms are available from each classroom and the table at the bottom of the central stairs. Please return completed forms ASAP.
Any enquiries please contact me: Kirsten Adams 0409516510 or


Kerry McMinn